1.  Internet distribution platform, functioning at bd24.eu, (further called as a Platform) offers the wholesale of merchandise for contractors conducting business activities.

2.   The platform is operated by Brand Distribution Poland LTD Sp. z o.o. S. K. A., registered in Warsaw at Raszyńska St. 12/7 02-026 Warsaw, entered in the register of the National Register Court for the city of Warsaw, XII Comercial Department, with a number of registration (KRS): 0000452016, tax number (NIP) 966-208-80-56, Statistical number (REGON) 200766380 (further as a Supplier).

3.  Each user of the platform is required prior to commencement of the use to learn the content of these Regulations (further as Regulations) and to adhere to its provisions. Submission of the query by electronic means is tantamount to acceptance the terms of Regulations.

4.   Users of platforms are required to comply with the applicable law. It is forbidden to post or distribute via Platform content which is considered as vulgar, false or likely to infringe on personal rights, law or other legitimate interest of Supplier or third parties. Supplier has no obligation to review the content posted by Clients in the Platform and is not responsible for the infringement of third party rights, including property and personal rights, as well as the copyrights resulting from the posting.

5.  It is forbidden to use the resources and functions of Platform in order to conduct competitive activity by the user or otherwise violating the interests of Supplier.

6.  For full enjoyment of the services of the Platform, Client should use the data communications system that meets at least the following criteria:

- access to Internet,

- internet browser, should accept cookies;browser shall have JavaScript enabled;

- browser should have the Flash Player plug-in installed.

7.   The following concepts will have the following meanings within the Regulations:

     - Product: all products in the current Supplier’s commercial offer, the appearance of which, characteristics and properties are given in the product description; Product’s pictures shown on the Platform may slightly differ from the actual Product;Client – potential contractor conducting business activity who uses Platform,

     -Special Offers – products offer labeled as "special offer", together with the information about the duration and custom prices or other terms of sale. Special offer for products is realized in the period specified in the order of receipt of queries on these products and is valid until the end of the period of the special offer or while stocks covered by this offer last,

     - Price – price of the product determined in the description. All prices of products offered by the Platform are given in EURO and net values.

    - Price of the Product appearing in the offer is not binding price and is ultimately determined by queries from the Client on the Platform.




1.     Queries may be submitted by Clients having their own individual account on the Platform. website bd24.eu.

2.     Creating a Client's individual account is followed by the proper filling in of the registration form contained on the Platform. Client shall include following data in the form:

- ame and surname or company name,

- address,

- shipping address (if different than above),

- description of founding documents; for EU counterparties it is required to enter EU VAT number,

-  contact details: phone or mobile number, e-mail address, website,

-  the name identifying Client for the purposes of use of the Platform (Username). Username obtained by Client shall be strictly protected – disclosure to third parties may result in the use by an unauthorized person.

-  password; assigned personally by the Client by double confirmation. Assigned password is strictly protected – disclosure to third parties may result in the use by an unauthorized person.

3. Immediately after any change of data, Client is obliged to update them, under risk of applying the unchanged data in the current queries. After the data is changed by the Client, his client service consultant shall verify and approve such changes within 24 hours.

4. Using Individual Account (mentioned in points 1- 3 above), Client is able to:

- view Queries Support;

-  view the status and history of queries;

- view issued documents related to the sale;

- view the status and history of payments;

- submit complaints.

5. Placing the Order on behalf of a legal person or an organizational entity without legal personality is tantamount to making the statement that the person submitting Order is authorized to represent the entity, on behalf of which order was placed.

6. Submit order by the Client is tantamount with an authorization to issue an invoice without the need to obtain his signature.

7. Query submission is followed by performing the following steps:

- placing the products ordered in the shopping cart and determine its quantity;

- acceptance of client data;

- acceptance of regaulations;

- confirmation of query.

8. In case of ambiguities regarding the content a complex query regarding in particular client data, product data, availability of products, Supplier will contact with the Client for the purposes of clarification. In the absence of an explanation from the Client, the Seller may refuse to accept the query, about what he shall immediately notify Client.

9. Supplier reserves the right for changing the prices of products appearing on the Platform, placing new products, perform and cancel promotional activities on the Platform, or changing them.

10. Product presentation within the Platform is for informational purposes. Product presentation is not unambiguous with Products’ availability in the quantity relevant to the quantity at Seller’s stock. Any binding information in this regard shall be provided by submitting queries on the Platform.

11. Supplier is not responsible for queries unrealized for technical reasons (network’s malfunction).




1.     Supplier offers Products via the Internet. Client can submit queries only through the Platform pursuant to the conditions included in the Regulations.

2.     Characteristics of Product i.e. its description, composition, calorific value, the weight of the package and others - originate from the manufacturers of the Products.




1.     All clients providing their e-mail addresses are automatically added to the Supplier’s mailing list. These addresses will only be used for the informational and promotional purposes. The client has the right, at any time, to inspect its data, correction and demand for its removal from the Platform’s mailing list. Data delegated to Supplier are only for internal purposes of Supplier associated with any  purchase-sale transaction.

2.     In matters not regulated by the relevant provisions Polish Civil Code is applicable. Any disputes arising from the application and interpretation of these Regulations shall be subject to Polish law.

3.     Disputes arising in connection with the performance of this agreement, the parties shall be settled amicably. If no agreement is reached in this manner, appropriate to hear the case will be general court competent for the Supplier, applying the law Polish.

4.     All copyrights to the content of the Platform belong the Supplier and are protected by law.

5.     The use of the materials placed within the Platform is permitted only for the purposes of cooperation with the Supplier and only for personal use of the Client. Copying, transfer and sharing with charging or free of charge to any third party the contents contained within the Platform is prohibited.

6.     Supplier has the right to make changes to the Regulations. Information about amendments to the Regulations will be made available within Platform in 7 days before the amendments are introduced. For further desire to use of the Platform by the Client under the terms of new rules, clients will be obliged to accept the new rules when logging into the Platform.